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Tupperware Best Lunch Including bag

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Tupperware Best Lunch Including bag


Tupperware Best Lunch (Including Bag)

Tupperware presents Best Lunch box for a complete and hygenic meal. The handy Square away box, Tropical cups, and the Tumbler makes it easier to carry a variety of meal with a lemonade or any of your favourite drinks. Best Lunch comes with a spacious Lunch kit for your extra needs.

Unique Features

  • Square Away is convienient and handy size.
  • Tropical cups and Tumbler are air tight and liquid tight containers.
  • Name Card : Easy to identify among other users.

Package contents

  1. 2pcs Tropical cups. Capacity: 230ml.
  2. 1pc Square Away. Capacity: 400ml.
  3. 1pc Tumbler. Capacity: 340ml.
  4. 1pc Best lunch Bag.

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