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Santha 11 Nut Butter Grinder USA 110 Volt
110 V specially designed for USA
Granite stones Capacity - up to 10 lbs
Drum Volume 8 Litres
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Perfect and ideal machine for your every process of nut butter macking. Yes we have optimized it for your best expreience in nut butter making process. The granite slab and granite stones give you best smooth for nut butter. The machine comes with exhaust fitted motor which can with stand high tempertaure and heat produced during long grinding. The ventilated dome of the machine help it retain the machine cool during your nut butter making. 

Nut butter grinder Santha 11 USA model 110 Volt has come out with a new model of Melangeur - the Santha 11.  

Santha 11 nut butter grinder, an amazing Heavy Duty Stone Grinder is Perfect for the Best Nut and Seed Butters. This fantastic grinder gives you the richest, healthiest, tastiest and highest quality Nut Butters available and you can make it at home! Because of the slow grinding process, all the enzymes and nutrients are retained and not lost like other high speed processes. The grinding stones roll slowly over a stone flat bottom surface and nuts and seeds are crushed, mashed and ground slowly between these stones. It will make the silky smooth, creamy, melt in your mouth butters with the slow grinding processing for the healthiest, freshest nut and seed butters. This nut butter is nothing like the kind of nut butters you buy in a jar at the store and are processed with high speed processors and grinders.

Ventilated and non-rotating lid, which allows you to view and to open the lid while running. The central connector has been designed to be able to lift out the stones easily and the drum made leak proof. The elegant design, quiet operation and sturdy construction with the finest Stainless Steel and impact resistant body, powerful but very quiet motor and pure Black Granite stone (real stone) for a long life of 10-20 years or more make for a durable and outstanding quality machine.

Specification - Santha 11 Nut Butter Grinder USA 110 VOLT

Easy to use and easy clean-up

1/4 HP Belt Driven Motor does not get overheated even under long and heavy use Stainless steel drum detaches easily

Easy for cleaning at the sink and doubles as a storage vessel

Black hard "Granite" Stone is used to prevent chipping or thinning even with long term use

Capacity - up to 10 lbs

Approximate Weight - Heavy Duty 40 lbs

Dimensions - 20 x 12 x 11

Uses / Functions / Receipe - Santha 11 Nut Butter Grinder USA 110 Volt

Nut butter, Peanut butter gridner, Nut butter squash, Nut butter receipe, Almond butter, Cashew butter, Hazelnut butter, Macadamia nut butter, Peanut butter, Pecan butter, Pistachio butter, Walnut butter, Pumpkin seed butter,Sesame seed butter, Soybean butter, Sunflower seed butter and Tahini

Santha 11 nut butter grinder can be used to make Chocolate from Cocoa Beans, Coconut Butter, cosmetics and other food processing.

Additional Information

Brand Santha
Volts 110
Capacity 2 Litres
Functions Nut Butter Grinding
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Shipping World Wide Shipping (150+ Countries)
Major Country Frequently Shipped to USA, Canada, Mexico, American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico, Saipan, Virgin Islands (US)

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